Oak Run Phase I & II

Fayetteville, NC

The City of Fayetteville Metropolitan Housing Authority’s renovation and expansion of HUD facilities required MDG and Banks Creek to fast-tract the planning, design, and construction of utility relocations/extensions, redesign of City streets and development of stormwater facilities for the re-development of a 300 unit apartment complex in downtown Fayetteville. MDG worked closely with the local Metropolitan Housing Authority, Public Works Commission (Utilities) and City Engineering Divisions during all planning, design and construction phases. This project required extensive locating and removal of existing utilities and multi-family buildings containing asbestos.

This project also incorporates an extensive network of approximately 14,000 LF of ADA-compliant sidewalks to access each unit.  These sidewalks interconnect with existing and reconstructed public streets including 6,300 LF of public sidewalks to maintain and encourage neighborhood access to common residential/commercial and greenway areas.